From the editors

WELCOME to the first edition of Change Makers magazine.

The Change Makers magazine is a collaborative media project led by the students at Woodridge State High School and supported by students from the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Queensland.

The magazine is one part of the Change Makers’ Project funded by the Federal Government’s Department of Immigration as part of their Diversity and Social Cohesion Program.

The project’s aim is to build greater connections and cross-cultural understanding between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Pacifica, Australian and newly-arrived migrant and refugee communities in Logan City.

The Change Makers’ Project includes youth camps, student-led community events and publishing a magazine.

This magazine seeks to tell the story of Woodridge’s youth through the use of stories, photography, artwork and illustrations.
The aim is to break stereotypes and showcase stories that promote pride, hope and inspiration.

In this first edition, the magazine highlights and celebrates the diversity of the Logan community. We are proud of the stories that are being told and we hope you enjoy reading ‘the real story of Woodridge’.

From the change makers

AS the Change Maker youth at Woodridge State High School we decided to make a magazine to change the bad stereotypes of our youth in Logan. We are proud to be from Woodridge and want to celebrate our multicultural school. We love our community. It makes us feel safe and it is our home. We have come together as Change Makers, from many cultural backgrounds, to positively impact our community and to speak out on behalf of the youth. We want Woodridge students to be proud of who they are and where they have come from. We want to make our whole community feel the same way and to know that change is possible!


Scott Downman
Amy Sullivan
Kate Davis


Jade Horrobin
Kemii Maguire
Jordan McMullen
Alicja Rudz
Rachel Westbury
Alynna Wong

Change Makers committee

Margaret Setefano
Manu Manoa
Alexandra Green
Tha Thaw
Say Ler
Jae Lee Lor
Mai Lor
Mee Vang
Nive Ionae
Jayden Okesene
Asad Ahmadi
Chantal Sadi


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